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psychotherapy services.

Laura Lynas-Gray

Laura is an integrative psychotherapist practicing privately in central London. She works with adults, both in person and online. Laura has completed integrative training in classical and contemporary theory and technique. She works with clients towards understanding the challenges they may be facing and wish to overcome. These issues may present as a difficulty in identifying and expressing their emotions, feelings of being estranged from their needs, or a sense of being stuck. Laura welcomes clients of every gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race and disability.  


Some people embark upon psychotherapy in order to seek help with a particular challenge or symptom, whereas others wish to explore their lives more extensively. Psychotherapy can last a short time or for a longer period, depending upon one’s wishes and motivation towards developing and maintaining a resilient and self-fulfilling life. 


Please get in touch if you have any questions, or would like to organise an introductory call. Contact details can be found here.